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 World Boss Suggestions

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PostSubject: World Boss Suggestions   World Boss Suggestions EmptyMon Oct 05, 2009 7:46 pm

Posted this on Official LostPW forums also, wanted to know what you guys thought Very Happy

1. You need 3 of the gems to make an "Endgame" gem, and once you split between party you get 1-4 gems per boss I would say. Considering there are 12 types of gems, and half of them are almost impossible to sell/use for a good purpose, though, I don't see this as much of a problem. It gives a reason to daily "farm" them instead of just letting them sit there, so +1 on that.

2. While I didn't see a scale drop, I think they are a good addition, so props on that.

3. Here's my big thing, I think that gems and such are already quite available at decent prices, but things such as DQP's are not. I looked at the update and saw it gave DQP's as drops and me being able to only go to one invasion per week at best usually (Sunday because no School), I thought this would be an awesome way for me to gain skillbooks and some equips that I have been looking at. I was sadly mistaken when after 3 bosses, I totaled 7 DQPs. This is about enough to get 1/4th of a Demon Warrior skill book, so I have to farm 3 Bosses a day, for 4 days, to get one skill book? Don't even get me started on molds, because I am looking at trying to get all 4 socket molds before I + them because that maximizes possible bonuses, so of course that wouldn't be a one shot deal either.
While I can see that the addition of these bosses are a huge boost towards faction events and such, I don't see them as being reward able enough. They do not drop any consumables that would make them worth farming after you have got endgame maxed out gear. While some of the faction mates said they were doing it for fun, which is somewhat was, I don't consider sitting there for 30 minutes using auto-attack and living through Soul Hunter's debuffs fun or getting my charm mana-drained crazy by Shield, I guess it was a social event,but not something I would like to do AFTER I have the required materials for good armor.
I also noticed that we were the ONLY guild doing it. While, I don't know if this was because of numbers or not, I think this shows how after they find out the drops are and their initial curiosity is fulfilled, they will become just another thing that people ignore in their day.
How I think the drops can be improved/make it more competitive
1. Add consumables to drops, ranging from lower level hieros, to apoth pots, to damage increase hieros even, this can give a guild a way to farm these over and over and still reap rewards no matter the level
2. Lower gem drops. Yes, this might give me some flack, but I think the gem drops, if lowered, will slow down the progression of gem overflow, where people don't need them and just letting them go for discounted prices until someone decides to buy them.
3. Increase DQP drop rates. This is another type of consumable on a different scale. While I am not saying give 100 DQPs per mob to each person, maybe 30-40 per person would be correct. Considering in a 30 minute invasion a person can earn upwards of 300 DQPs, 30 minutes to kill a world boss and killing 3 of them in 1 hour 30 minutes would total about 90-120 DQPs, enough for 2 skillbooks/molds + a little left over.
4. Add quests to obtain rep on world bosses. This would make world bosses extremely competitive, which is good in my opinion. Give lets say 10,000 reputation per boss that a quest giver gives. that's 50,000 reputation if you manage to kill all 5. This would also give people who can't totally spam FB's (Which is truthfully the only way to gain endgame weps/reputation of any sort at the moment which I think needs to expand) a different way. Killing world bosses is not as "active" as other things such as a FB. I did a good deal of my homework while killing those 3 bosses and I see them as a much more effective way to gain rep.
5. Give a slight coinage reward. This would be lets say a one shot 500k or so drop. So in a party of 5 (Which we had for multiple bosses), 100,000 coins per player. This would give a great "base" to the World Boss killing. Consider it the constant as in Y = X +100,000. X is the random drop, 100k is a sure base.

What these changes will do:
1. Make people "fight" for World bosses
2. Make World Bosses a part of everyone's daily run
3. Give people an alternative method of doing things if they dare
What you might think this will do:
1. Give one guild a dominating role of "World Boss killer"
2. Make World Bosses too valuable and thus make people mad if they do not get them
3. Let other people get things easier then previous players
How previously implemented things/easily implemented things can change that.
1. By theory, a world boss has MILLIONS of Hp, making killing all 5 of them WITHOUT anyone else killing one very hard. it would take over 2 hours to kill all 5, which is long enough for another group to at least get one.
2. World Bosses should be valuable, of course, they are on a 20 hour respawn and are valuable as rare pets are to venomancers. They will not be too valuable though because of the time and effort in killing them. Also, if you don't get it, go get a bunch of factions and steal it/pk the group that currently has it. This will cause the items to remain valuable and pking to jump.
3. While it may of been easy for you, depending on the schedule of players, the cookie-cutter mold as of now doesn't work that well for others. If you live in Western Europe, can play at nights, and got to a high level early it works great for you. Invasions are at a good time, people are always on needing FB's/to get your FB's done it works well, but other people might not be able to, and since these bosses change timezones they are perfect for people that live in different areas/different schedules to gain rewards and get to endgame status.

That's all, I guess I might of gotten a little carried away, but I think a lot of this stuff can improve the game greatly. Thanks for anyone reading this, feel free to break it down and critique how you think this will/will not work or why it is good/not good. Have a nice day Very Happy
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World Boss Suggestions
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