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 Roles and advanced information about classes

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Roles and advanced information about classes Empty
PostSubject: Roles and advanced information about classes   Roles and advanced information about classes EmptySun Nov 27, 2011 8:36 am

One of the most important classes in Territory War for they are a crowd controller. They leap from one place to another, controlling the high damage classes to reduce damage to friendly targets, and bringing disarray to enemy formations to slow them down. They are the guardian of the troop and often the ones who die the most.
More Info: http://pwi-wiki.perfectworld.com/index.php/Blademaster

Being the class with the most health points makes them ideal for catapult puller. When not pulling a catapult, their job is to HP buff the team, be a decoy to shield catapult puller, aggro the guard tower, and assist in killing enemy with their ultimate skill. He is always ready to grab the catapult left over by another puller and charge to the enemy crystal.
More Info: http://pwi-wiki.perfectworld.com/index.php/Barbarian

The cleric is loved by many yet hated by many. A cast of their wand can save many life or cost many life. Clerics are one of most important classes in Territory War and a prime target of archer, blademaster, and venomancer. When in a catapult team, they need to stay alive to keep the catapult puller alive. They are the buffer of the team, yet often employs their skills to sleep, stun, and unleash their ultimate skill occasionally as well.
More Info: http://pwi-wiki.perfectworld.com/index.php/Cleric

She is a beautiful yet cruel. She often attracts attention and she is mobile, never stopping at one place, debuffing the catapult puller and killing his cleric. Coupled with her ability to get away, she employs her debuffing skill as often as she can and never passes a chance to unleash her seal skill to aid her comrades.
More Info: http://pwi-wiki.perfectworld.com/index.php/Venomancer

Wizards are a curse to melee classes and archers. They are the second liners; assisting the tank classes to dispatch enemies quickly when in offense, and main catapult puller killer when in working in defense. Wizards always stay low profile to avoid attention, assist in keeping catapult team alive, and unleash their ultimate skill that can kill many.
More Info: http://pwi-wiki.perfectworld.com/index.php/Wizard

They are killers, ranged assassins with their mighty arrows piercing through the hearts of the casters. Archers plays hard to catch and never stand in pack (within 12m stun range). Although their main role is second liner, assisting blademasters and barbarians to dispatch enemy quickly, they are also a group sniper tasked to put a dent into enemy formations.
Archers often rush in with catapult team and unleash their mighty arrows at the guard tower and/or crystal with their AoE skill.
More Info: http://pwi-wiki.perfectworld.com/index.php/Archer
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Roles and advanced information about classes Empty
PostSubject: Re: Roles and advanced information about classes   Roles and advanced information about classes EmptyWed Jan 11, 2012 12:04 pm

This really helped me out, Thanks for putting up this thread and posting this information. i hope this helps out other people as well. Smile Very Happy
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Roles and advanced information about classes
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